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Meishi Smile


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tofubeats、Seiho、AvecAvec、Pa’s Lam System、Tomggg等、日本の若手トラックメイカーとの親交も深いLAの若き才能Meishi Smileことギャレット・イムによる通算3作目のアンビエント/ノイズEP『(Reclamation)』。

1. ego
2. apathy
3. forever (yours)
4. bruise
5. flowers & may
6. strange color

Meishi Smile third release. to represent the affirmation of the capability i once had to find peace within what i loved. the acknowledgement of my own shortcomings and the pain i bestowed upon you due to fear. the apologetic me. the spiteful me. the one that caresses you. the one that condemns you. the clarity i have with you. the feeling without. “i hope you forgive me for living”